CCWC Entry

Hello! This is Amber speaking. Er, writing. Anyway, I was just on an awesome blog called Dolls ‘N’ All. I found a cool contest called the Creative Catalog Writing Challenge (CCWC). It looks fun, so I’m going to enter it with the cafeteria picture. Here goes:

“Hey, Emma! Olivia!” I hear Sophia yell from across the cafeteria. “Save a seat for me!” My best friend Emma and I laugh at my goofy twin sister. I wave her over, trying desperately to stifle my rowdy giggles. “Were you wanting to sit with us?” I ask her innocently. Emma smothers more laughter. “Haha.” Sophia says, rolling her eyes. She squeezes in between me and my friends.  “Hey, move over!” my other friend Ava growls. She and all of my other friends begin to smile, then giggle, then full out laughter. Meanwhile, Sophia pretends to pout by herself. “Oh, Soph, you know we were just kidding.” I sigh to my sister. “Yeah, I know. But I REALLY like to pretend pout.” She starts to laugh with everyone else. All of the sudden, Ava scoots over so far, Sophia falls off the bench. “Hey, I warned you.” Ava teases. Guess what happened next? We all began to laugh. Again.




PS- Sorry it’s been a while, there haven’t been many things to blog about lately. 🙂


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