Vivian Claire

Nicknames: Viv, Vivi

Favorite color: pink

Favorite food: granola bars

Favorite sport: BALLET!!

Favorite animal: swan

Vivian has a very complicated personality. Sometimes, she is kind and sweet, but she also can be stuck-up about her dancing abilities. She is a graceful, talented girl who hopes to be a ballerina someday. She takes lessons at the Maison de L’espoir (House of Hope) ballet studio. She is the head of her class there.

Amber’s comment: “I like hanging out with her, except for when she brags.”

Emma’s comment: “Vivi is my real sister, and I can’t imagine not having her!.”

Jess’s comment: “I think she’s a bad dancer. Sometimes.”

Grace’s comment: “She doesn’t always have to hang out with Amber and me, I mean, go find your own friends, Vivian!”

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